Commercial & Industrial Door Openers

Automation is not limited to residential garage doors only, commercial & industrial roller doors and sectional doors – as found in shopfronts, warehouse entrances, carparks, and on loading docks – can also be motorised. As commercial doors are generally larger and therefore heavier than residential garage doors, specialised motors are required that have enough strength to reliably and safely lift the door.


Safe, Secure and Tough

Dominator’s Commercial & Industrial door motors have been developed to offer the same safety, security, and speed benefits found in our residential garage door openers, along with quiet operation. 

This range is more powerful to easily manage opening and closing doors that are much wider, taller, and heavier, multiple times each day. More importantly, our commercial door openers include features that offer unique benefits in a commercial and industrial environment, such as programmable control panels that allow the motor to be integrated into other security networks. 

Most commercial door motors include as standard a stop and reverse function that reverses the direction of the door if it hits any obstruction, but in any high-traffic workplace you would want safety beams that – when the beam is broken – prevent the door from closing at all. All Dominator commercial door openers support the use of up to three safety beams, offering a far higher level of safety. Some of our commercial door motors include an emergency stop button – talk to your local Dominator Dealer for more.

All Dominator commercial door motors support the use of our remote operation, allowing you to provide multiple employees with a way to automatically open or close any roller doors, shutters, or sectional doors with a compatible opener installed. For businesses that close for a period of time, such as for a seasonal break at the end of the year, the vacation mode feature found on some of our commercial door openers is critical, allowing you to easily lock out all but one master transmitter until the end of the break.



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