10 Reasons to Buy an Insulated Garage Door

When you look at the size of a garage door, it’s no wonder garages can become seriously chilly in cold months! Opening an area that large to icy blasts is bound to result in a less than cosy atmosphere. Conversely, in hotter temperatures a large steel door will transmit heat into the space, sometimes making the area stifling. 

A great way to improve this scenario is to install an insulated garage door. An insulated door will help to reduce the transfer of heat or cold air into your garage, making it a more pleasant space to occupy. Those benefits can be felt not only in the garage itself but throughout the home.

We’ve rounded up ten good reasons why you need an insulated garage door from Dominator.

  • If the garage is attached to your home, adding an insulated garage door installs another barrier between the warm confines of your home and the exact point of entry for cold weather.
  • Insulating a garage door adds an extra dimension to the insulation you may already have in your walls and ceiling. Without insulation, your garage door could lessen the efficiency of insulation elsewhere in the home.
  • Save on energy costs. Metal conducts heat and cold. Without a layer of insulation, your metal garage door can transfer temperatures existing outside. Keeping a more constant temperature allows you to save energy inside your home which in turn reduces those monthly bills.
  • If you use your garage as a work space, man cave, gym or spare bedroom, comfort will be a top priority. An insulated garage door will help to keep the temperature in the garage within a narrower range compared to the extreme range of outside temperatures.

the range of insulated doors by Dominator

Above, clockwise from top left: Futura, Montana, Milano, Valero, Sierra, Nevada.

  • A more distinguished look. The Mulflute backing that houses our precision-cut insulation is a Silver-grey colour that adds a distinguished look to the internal face of the door. Low maintenance yet replaceable.
  • If your garage is below another room in your home, air can travel through the ceiling of the garage into the room above, making it the least favourable room in the house. An insulated garage door will keep temperatures in the garage fairly stable to reduce temperature fluctuations in the room above.
  • Quieter garage doors. Garage door insulation does double-duty as soundproofing. It reduces the noise of cars zooming by and weather beating at the exterior. An insulated garage door can also provide privacy, reducing the amount of noise coming from your garage when you’re using power tools or listening to the Top 20 from your youth.

The attractive interior of an insulated garage door by Dominator

Above: Dominator's insulation technology is not only efficient, it looks great too.

  • Not only will your garage door be quieter, but it’ll also be stronger. Insulation adds an extra layer of width to your garage door, bracing against harsh winds and even the accidental car dent.
  • The items you store inside your garage will be better protected. Tools such as water blasters and gas lawnmowers will not see their liquids freezing — which poses a threat to inner workings. You can also extend the life of your car battery, which is best kept between 0 and 25 degrees Celsius.

Dominator’s Range of Insulated Sectional Doors gives you options to enhance every style of home. Made to measure, built from New Zealand Colorsteel® with advanced technology such as Smart Phone control and superior protection, you’re in the right place for the best garage doors on the market.

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