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Whether you’re looking to sell your home soon or in years to come, certain home renovation options will improve the overall appeal and add lasting value to your property. Along with kitchen makeovers and opening up the floor plan, updating to a secure garage door with easy access is a great choice for the New Zealand homeowner. Keep reading for our ideas on how to make the most of these renovation projects.

1. Get Started on Kitchen Renovations

Great kitchens always appeal to buyers

Above, left: Clean, modern kitchens have universal appeal; right: an alcove designed to separate the kitchen from open-plan spaces

Experts in home improvements recommend 5% of the value of your home should be in your kitchen. So if your home is worth $500,000, you could consider spending up to $25,000 on your kitchen. However, no matter what your budget may be or your intention for renovations, the kitchen is a great place to start. From statement-making benchtops to gleaming cupboard doors, a gorgeous kitchen is one of the first things potential buyers and property assessors will look at when it comes to selling or renting out your home. If you’re creating your forever home and not looking to sell, think about the kind of kitchen you want to spend every morning in. Cohesive work zones, efficient appliances, easy to clean surfaces, beautiful but hardwearing materials, consistent colours, plenty of light and ample storage are important to consider when it comes to redoing the kitchen.

2. Consider the Semi-Open Floor Plan

For decades now, the open floor plan has been a popular residential architectural trend for new construction and renovation projects, improving house values as well as lifestyle. But now, that trend may be diminishing. According to reports by (American Real Estate giant) Zillow and others, in response to the coronavirus pandemic homeowners are finding it more practical to define separate spaces, so semi-open plans are becoming more valuable.

Open floor plans certainly offer convenience to modern families; having fewer walls facilitates better traffic flow and more natural light throughout a home while offering the flexibility to reconfigure furniture arrangements as needs change.
But an open plan design does present some drawbacks, such as a lack of privacy, poor sound control, and a cluttered appearance. And, as with nearly every imperfect aspect of our domestic lives, these weaknesses have been exposed and exacerbated during the quarantine like never before.

Semi-open floor plans are becoming more desirable

Above, clockwise from top left: Use furniture to define spaces; Create options for work-from-home and dining; a great example of semi-open-plan; a partial screen divides the fireside zone from the general living space; translucent screens partition an open-plan living space.

Increasing house value with an open plan now has to be done strategically so that it can attract customers wishing to pay what the house is worth in the future.

  • To achieve the best result, zones in the open-plan should be well-defined and flexible.
  • Consider keeping a separate dining room to enjoy meals together in a peaceful setting that can easily be used as office space at other times, or be converted as necessary.
  • Include storage space and charging ports for digital devices.
  • Create nooks and alcoves that immediately define spaces for different uses.
  • Consider partitioning options such as screens and internal sliding doors to offer privacy and increase options for use.

3. Install a New Automatic Garage Door

A new garage door can add the wow factor that buyers crave

Above, top: Dominator's Sierra gives great street appeal on this David Reid Home; Bottom: a perfect example of a transformative garage door update from Dominator South & East.

When it comes to remodelling or renovating your home, one of the first things experts suggest is the replacement of your garage door for security, aesthetics and ease of use. Considering that it often consumes around 30% of your home's frontage, updating an old garage door to a new Dominator will certainly impress buyers. With the colour and profile options on offer for your garage door, you can choose to blend seamlessly with the rest of the house or make a design statement with your garage door.

Security is big on buyers' radar and that aspect alone makes updating your garage door and opener to the latest technology a wise decision. Smart operation via an app such as Dominator's Smartphone Kit makes garage door operation and monitoring super simple and available to all the family without the need for handheld remotes. What's more, Dominator's Tri-Tran+™128 anti-theft technology prevents code stealing and Dominator’s Auto-Lock technology more than doubles the force required at the lock point to lift the door from a closed position.

Garage door insulation will also get a tick on any homebuyer's list. Adding a layer of insulation to your garage door helps to reduce heat transmission and noise transmission into and out of the home. That means better efficiency in cold winters and hot summers and more options for use of the garage whether that be as an extra bedroom, space for a business or for band practise!

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