5 Easy Updates for Better Curb Appeal

Stand on the footpath and take a look at your property, or do a ‘drive by’ and take a discerning look at how your home appears from the road. Is it easy to find? Does it say, "welcome"? Does it stand out, like in a bad way? Most homes can benefit from a little tweak in the front, following are five ways to make simple updates in a flash.

House Numbers

Now more than ever, couriers and delivery services will be searching out your property. So often, letterbox numbers fade or drop off, or with multiple homes on one property, it can be easy to mistake one unit for another. Avoid potential mix-ups by adding numbers to your house itself. Most hardware stores hold a variety of styles, or you could paint directly onto the house exterior. Check out our inspo below, or a quick search online will throw up lots of ideas for house numbers that suit your style, with no excuse for non-delivery!

Add street numbers to your house for easy locating

Want a backlit house number? Try this DIY - warning, it's an intense project!

Front Pathways, Driveway and Garden

Feng shui enthusiasts will be aware that a clear path to your front door has a positive effect. The same appeal can hold true for visitors to your abode; a well-maintained front garden and pathway is welcoming and easy to navigate. It also shows that this is a loved and lived-in property, which could serve to act as a deterrent to burglars looking for an easy target.
Front yard improvement doesn’t need to be a huge project, try these half-day jobs:
• Trim edges and weed ’n’ feed the lawn • clean the driveway and remove weeds from gaps • plant a border garden • trim hedges and shrubs • paint the letterbox • clear the footpath in front of your house • add solar lighting to your pathways.
Improve street appeal with landscaping

Garage Door

The garage often hogs a lot of your home's visual real estate, so make that real estate work for you with a good looking garage door. A broken, gap-ridden garage door not only looks ugly, but it will also be inefficient energy-wise and an easy target for burglaries. Choose a garage door from Dominator and you're getting protection from some of the thickest NZ steel around. Partnered with a range of top-of-the-line automatic garage door openers that feature rolling code technology as standard, the garage door is one upgrade you'll benefit from for many years to come. Dominator's options allow you to match the design of your home - or give it a totally new look. Each door is made to measure here in New Zealand for the perfect fit and with more than 30 dealers nationwide, there's a Dominator specialist in a location near you. Our technicians are trained to advise on all aspects of the process, from selecting the right garage door through to installation and after-sales care. Check out the range here.

Enhance curb appeal with a new garage door from Dominator

Take your garage from grotty to glorious with a new Dominator garage door.


For a cost-free upgrade to your home’s street appeal, you can’t go wrong with a bit of elbow grease. A clean and clutter-free entryway will not only look great to passers-by, but you’ll also feel good coming through the door when it’s cleared of road grime and leaf litter. Sweep, remove cobwebs, beat the doormat and clear away the odds and ends of footwear that tend to gather on every doorstep. For a cheap and cheerful dose of life, add some potted colour in tonal shades to compliment your colour scheme.

Improve street appeal with a beautiful front door and entryway

Front Door

One of the simplest, most cost-effective and FUN ways to make a big impact on your home’s curb appeal is to paint the front door! Vibrant paint colour can really lift the look of the home and provide a focal point - not to mention a talking point! If you’re not into brights, consider black, grey or deep red. Dark colours recede and will look surprisingly understated. Update the hardware while you’re at it for extra points.

Need help choosing the right garage door and opener combo? For a free, no-obligation measure and quote, drop us a line today!

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