Choosing a profile for your garage door could offer more for consideration than one might expect. The profile of your sectional garage door determines not only the design aspect but affects structural strength as well.

Sectional Steel Garage Door panel options include wide, flat panels, finer ribbed panels and pressed pattern panels. Each has its own appeal and though some panel types are obviously suited to certain architectural styles, all panel options can be used as design features to make an impact or to create a visual flow with cladding and building styles.


Flat panel garage doors have a minimalist aesthetic that pairs well with modern shapes and monolithic cladding. The wide panels can be roll formed or folded, with rolled panels offering strength in their form and folded panels producing a super smooth finish. New Premium Matte colours available for Sierra and Nevada further heighten the smooth effect.

The process of roll forming sheet steel may cause irregularities in flat panel surfaces. Smooth finishes can highlight these irregularities under certain lighting conditions and viewpoints. For a truly flat-panelled door, Dominator recommends heavy-gauged folded steel, as used in our Sierra and Nevada garage doors.

That said, the 0.55 BMT (Base Metal Thickness) Colorsteel® used to create our Valero and Montana roll-formed steel garage doors is still thicker than the thickest steel some other brands use to build garage doors. 


Montana: roll-formed • 0.55BMT • insulation option • medium width panels • smooth finish

Valero: roll-formed 0.55BMT • insulation option • smooth finish

Sierra: folded • 0.75BMT • insulation option • smooth finish

Nevada: folded • 0.75BMT • insulation option • smooth finish • negative detailing


Garage doors with finer panels include Dominator’s Futura and Milano. The joins between the panels create detail that is complementary to brick and weatherboard homes particularly. Those joins also provide strength and rigidity across wider openings.

Added to its detailed rib design, a textured finish available on Futura offers the look and feel of timber with the strength and low-maintenance longevity of zinc-based steel (smooth finish also available). The slightly more subtle pencil ribs of Milano are roll-formed in a smooth finish, creating that contemporary, minimalist feel. 

With panels one step wider, Montana is relatively new in the Dominator range and has been designed for maximum street appeal. The smooth, flat panels offer a cost-effective option on the flat panel minimal style.


Futura: 0.55BMT • insulation option • smooth or textured • windows optional

Milano: roll-formed • 0.55BMT • insulation option • smooth • windows optional

Montana: roll-formed • 0.55BMT • insulation option • smooth • windows optional


Pressed panel garage door styles lend themselves to modern architecture while still maintaining a traditional style.

Patterns pressed into the steel creating old world charm and elegant detail also serve to strengthen the garage door. Heavy gauge steel is roll-formed before having the detail pressed into the panel.

The number of pressings across the door is determined by the overall width of the opening and the resulting amount is spaced out evenly.

Georgian has almost square panels while Somerset features rectangular shapes to accent the horizontal dimension. Both doors are available in smooth or woodgrain finish and suit one to two-car garages. 


Georgian: roll-formed & pressed • 0.6BMT • windows option • smooth or textured finish

Somerset: roll-formed & pressed • 0.6BMT • windows option • smooth or textured finish

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