Upgrade Your Garage Protection with AutoLock

The garage door has a big job to do, not only to let you in and out of the garage but to provide security from those you don’t want to let in. Therefore your garage door must be not only good looking and reliable, it needs to be tough and secure! 

Auto-Lock is a simple, yet highly effective mechanism that adds another level of protection to your garage door, over and above other great features like Tri-Tran™128 coding system and our Smart Phone Kit.

How does it work?

The Auto-Lock unit is operated via your Automatic Garage Door Opener and is compatible only with Dominator Panel Pro and Dominator Advance Premium Garage Door Openers. When the door is closed, a heavy-duty bolt is sent through the guard rail, placing a physical barrier to prevent thieves from being able to force the door open. 

Do I need to manually operate the Auto-Lock?

There’s no key necessary, so you don’t need to do anything except using the opener as normal.

How strong is Auto-Lock?

The Auto-Lock more than doubles the force required at the lock point to lift the door from a closed position*.
*Based on a door using an engaged automatic opener.

Sounds great! How do I get one?

Auto-Lock is available as an optional extra on all Dominator sectional garage door and opener packages. Find a Dealer here.

Can Auto-Lock be installed on existing garage doors?

Yes, it can. Auto-Lock can be installed on many existing garage doors but must be coupled with a compatible Dominator Automatic Opener. 

The things that are important to you are important to us as well, that’s why Dominator offers the best in protection for your garage door. Find out more about Auto-Lock, or Request a FREE Measure and Quote.

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