The Experts' Guide to Buying a Garage Door

It takes a competent product to become New Zealand’s most recognised garage door brand.

Dominator is proud to stand behind our tough, reliable doors with an on-going commitment to design and functionality improvements and the embracing of new technology to give you the best protection from your garage door. Our nationwide team of dealers is here to help, with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Choosing a garage door comes with a lot of variables, that’s why we advise contacting a dealer to come and measure your site. The variables will affect different door brands in different ways, so its not something you can simply transfer from one dealer to another to get a competitive quote, a site measure should be carried out each time.

Make sure the site is ready for the dealer to get an accurate size of the opening. Their measurements will take into account the spaces needed for tracks and wheels etc.

It sounds like a lot of trouble, but considering this will be the largest moving component in your home, it’s worth taking the time to get it right. Click here for a FREE measure and quote:

Dominator Guide to buying a Garage Door Valero; Georgian; Milano

 Next there are three main categories to make decisions on. What Type of Door? - Which opener? - What optional extras will you include?



Garage Doors have four main categories:

  • Steel Sectional
  • Rolling
  • Flex A Door
  • Tilting

After choosing the category to suit your requirements, you’ll need to consider insulation (be sure to choose from our insulated range of steel sectional doors), finish, windows, style and colour. Each of our beautiful doors each has its own set of features, steel thicknesses and stand out looks.

All Dominator Garage Doors are built from tough NZ Steel and manufactured to order here in New Zealand, so you know you can trust their strength and exacting fit.

Complementing your colour scheme is a cinch. Dominator steel sectional doors come in a range of Dulux colours, with powder coated options to take your colour choice into the hundreds.

Click here to check out our range:

 Buying a Dominator Garage Door

Various colour treatments providing completely different looks to Futura, above.



The power behind a garage door is its opener. Technology has progressed in leaps and bounds in recent years and we are proud to offer openers with state of the art features as standard.

  • Soft start/stop operation to reduce noise and stress on the door by adjusting speed at the start and end of each cycle
  • Battery backup and solar charging
  • Intelligent Sensitivity System (ISS) that reacts to door obstructions, minimising risk of damage to people, pets and property
  • Customisable operating modes
  • TrioCode™, a revolutionary new coding system that uses three frequencies to overcome the increasing problem of interference issues in your neighbourhood. TrioCode™ also uses code-hopping technology to generate a new code each time you use your door, giving you the peace of mind that comes from the best protection. Read more on Trio Code™
  • Five or 7 year warranties on all our residential openers

And so much more! Have a look at the choices here:

Dominator guide to buying a safe opener

Dominator’s GDO-9 Premium Sectional Door Opener; Optional Safety Beams take protection to the next level; Dominator’s Smart Phone Control Kit, putting the controls in your hand wherever you go.




Our unique insulation product is made of EPS infused with graphite to further absorb infrared energy and reflect heat, providing around 20% better insulating performance than standard EPS. Please choose from our insulated range of steel sectional doors for this feature. Click here to see the range:

Smart Phone Control Kit

Dominator’s Smart Phone Control kit lets you open, close and monitor your garage door wherever you are! Provided you have wifi and cell phone coverage you can not only operate your garage door from your phone, you’ll know if anyone else has used the door via our smart notifications. Click here for more information:

Safety Infra-red Beam

Protecting your family is a major priority. With Dominator’s infra-red safety beam, if something happens to move under the door while it is closing, the safety beam will sense the person or object, immediately stop and reverse away. We recommend safety beams be fitted to all garage doors. Click here for more on safety:

So you can see there are plenty of reasons why we are NZ’s most recognised brand. Here’s one more: We’re the best!

Contact one of our 30 nationwide dealers now:

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