garage Doors to Set the Tone for Your Home

Did you know it takes just 26 seconds for a guest to form an opinion of your home when they visit? When we walk past the exterior of a property, it takes even less time. Most people form an instant impression as they pass, even if they can't put their finger on why. While we all try to resist the urge to judge, there’s no doubt that first impressions count.
To give your home the impact you're after, a few key elements should come into consideration.

Look for Oddities and Things That Don’t Work

Try standing on the opposite side of the street, facing away from your home. Turn around and look at your house for a few seconds then turn back. Anything that caught your eye in that time may need to be assessed. Perhaps it's an overgrown bush, a path that needs clearing or a dated garage door that doesn't suit the rest of the house. Maybe something is missing, like a garden border, another potted plant to match an existing plant - there's a lot to be said for symmetry. Look for elements that bring a cohesive balance.

How the Property Blends with the Street

If your property stands out from everything else in the street, make sure it does so in a good way! When building a new house, it's a good idea to look at neighbouring properties and the best properties in the street, then think about how yours will fit in. Looking at cladding, roof lines and landscaping will give you an idea of what works in the neighbourhood and what doesn't. Take a look at what your neighbours are planting as well. Plants that thrive at your neighbour's place are likely to do well at yours.
Landscaping your front yard is another opportunity to make an impression and contributes considerably to the overall street impact.

Put on a good facade

When thinking about your home's facade, keep these points in mind:

● The roof represents around 30 per cent of the total look.
● Fascias and guttering account for about 10 per cent
● Wall areas measure roughly 60 per cent of the overall facade including the front door and garage door

Each of these has its part to play in the overall tone of your home.

Up the garden path

A beautiful welcome will make guests feel at ease right away. Achieve that easily with:

  • A clean and tidy entrance
  • Symmetrical design features - including soft decor like pot plants and hanging flower baskets
  • A clear path to the front door
  • Keeping the letterbox cleared
  • A nice welcome mat!

Your Garage Door can make up to 30% of the home's frontage


If your garage door faces the street, it will contribute to a significant portion of the home's facade. Matching your garage door to the architectural style of your property is key to a cohesive outcome.
If your home is minimalist or contemporary, flat panelled sectional garage doors work beautifully. Take a look at MontanaSierra or Nevada.
If you have a traditional villa or colonial style home, raised square or rectangular patterns with added windows can be a good option. Try Dominator's Georgian or Somerset.
To make a real statement, try blending minimalist and traditional styles to bring out your personality and add that wow factor. Check out Dominator's full range of sectional doors here.

Dominator's range covers the gamut of choice, quality and protection for your home and your family. Each door is made to your particular specifications from quality New Zealand Colorsteel® with the longevity of 18 fade-proof colour options. If your colour scheme is out of the ordinary or you'd like to make a bold statement with colour, choose powder coating to get a perfect match to almost any shade.

To order the perfect Dominator Garage Door for your needs, speak to one of over 30 dealers nationwide, or utilise our Free Measure and Quote service today.

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