Garage Door Insulation Makes Smart Sense

Here comes winter!

While we can’t do much about the climate outside, it’s worth doing whatever we can to improve the level of comfort inside the house - that includes the garage! It makes sense to consider insulation in your garage door, it will also help by acting as a noise barrier.

Dominator has taken our popular steel sectional doors and robust hardware then added a premium graphite-infused insulator from a leading brand to produce our insulated series of Sectional Garage Doors. 

Graphite enhanced insulation works in the very same way as traditional insulation, with one major difference - high-purity graphite particles infused into the cell structure giving it a reflective property and a distinctive dark grey colour.

As radiant heat moves through graphite insulation, it reflects it hundreds of times, significantly slowing down the transfer of heat to improve energy efficiency. Graphite infused EPS insulation panels absorb infrared energy and reflect heat providing up to 20% better insulation performance than traditional EPS. They contain no harmful CFCs or HCFCs.#

Adding a layer of insulation to your garage door also acts as a two-way noise barrier. It helps keep out undesirable noise for a noticeably quieter garage and helps contain noise within the garage when compared to a non-insulated door.^

#Source: Neopor Insulation Technology.
^Source: Predictive figures from ‘Acoustic Logic’ tests.

Dominator Insulated Sectional Garage Doors

 Dominator Insulated Sectional Garage Doors for Winter

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