How to protect your car in the garage

Your car is probably one of the most expensive items you'll own so it makes sense to keep it protected, even when at home. We're looking at the best ways to protect your car while it's in your garage, from preventing theft to avoiding bumps and scrapes. Read on for tips and advice.


Lock your car every time

Locking the car seems obvious, but a quick look at online forums will tell you that often people do not lock their car when it is parked in their attached garage. The home garage - often kitted out with expensive tools and sports equipment - is a prime target for theft, so don't make it easy for burglars, always lock your car.

Do we also need to mention never to leave the keys in your car?

AutoLock provides an extra layer of security


Take garage door protection to the next level with Dominator's simple but highly effective AutoLock. This smart keyless technology allows you to lock your garage door every time you close it using nothing but your regular remote control. The system drives a bolt through the garage door every time the door is closed, providing a physical barrier to prevent the door from being forced open. Available as an optional extra on all Dominator Garage Doors.

Use your smartphone to operate your garage door

Smartphone Control

One of the most recent developments in garage door technology is smartphone control. Operated via a simple-to-use app on your phone, Dominator's Smartphone Kit allows you to open and close your door from anywhere, as long as you have cellphone coverage and connectivity. Much more than that, you can monitor the garage door with notifications that tell you when the door is being used. Family members can use the same app, so that for instance if little Timmy arrives home and enters through the garage door, you can receive a notification that he has used the door. If you worry that you may have forgotten to close the garage door, a quick check will tell you the status of the garage door and allow you to close it if need be. Smartphone control is available as an optional extra on all Dominator Openers and comes as standard with Dominator Smart.

TriTran+™128 technology

Thieves have been known to hack the codes of unprotected garage door openers to gain access to garages. TriTran+™128 transmitters come as standard in all Dominator Garage Door Openers and use code hopping technology to generate a new random code with each use. With trillions of codes available, you can rest assured that only your Dominator Garage Door Opener will open your garage door.


Auto stop and reverse functionality

Dominator’s Intelligent Sensitivity System (ISS) reacts to door obstructions so that it will never accidentally close on your car. Dominator has minimised the risk of damage to people, pets and property with ISS functionality, that will instruct the garage door to stop and reverse if it comes into contact with anything in its path. ISS is a standard feature of Dominator Garage Door Openers.

Use laser beams and bumper bars to protect your car

Laser parking guides

Align the laser beam with a spot on your car to help navigate tight garages with ease. This solution is especially handy if you need to fit two cars into your garage, just opt for a dual laser model.

Parking blocks

A parking block is like a smaller version of the concrete stops you see in most carparks. You move slowly until your tyres touch the block, signalling you to stop. You can purchase a parking block or make it yourself. Either way, the parking block should be attached to the garage floor with strong adhesive or screws.

Parking mats

A variation on the parking block, a parking mat helps to guide you into the perfect spot using a small front bump guide and a larger back guide.

Parking aids help to protect your car

Wall bumpers

It’s easy to open your car door into the wall, especially in a small garage. Wall bumpers act as a cushion to prevent damage to your car if you open your door into the garage wall. Purchase wall bumpers or go the popular DIY route with a pool noodle. Slice a noodle through the centre to create a flat surface and use screws to attach the pool noodle to the wall at the height your car door hits. Now the kids can hurry into and out of the car without causing damage to the car or the walls.

Ball on a string

One of the simplest solutions to parking in the right spot is to use a tennis ball or other soft ball suspended above the parking area. Locate the ball where it will just touch your car when it arrives at the perfect parking spot. Easy to DIY or purchase ready to hang.

Take it slow and steady

When entering the garage, focus on braking and slowing down rather than speeding into the garage and slamming on the brakes. Simply slowing down when you’re pulling into your garage will help to stop accidents before they happen.
Declutter the garage
The more junk on your garage floor, the more likely you are to have some sort of accident. If you’ve got so much stuff in your garage that you’re not able to fit your car in comfortably, then it’s time to clean it out. Take a look at our article on cleaning and decluttering the garage here.


It’s easy to misjudge the positioning of your vehicle when it’s dark in your garage. All Dominator Garage Door Openers are fitted with long-lasting LED automatic lights that illuminate with each cycle. The courtesy light on our Secure and Smart openers can also operate separately from the garage door.

Sensor lights are another good lighting solution for your garage and there are plenty of options available that can be hardwired or simply plugged into an outlet.

At Dominator, the protection of your car, your home and most of all your family is our top priority. If you'd like to find out how to get the best garage door protection available, talk to Dominator.

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