Knowing your Garage Door and its Parts

Getting to know your garage door might sound cheesy but it really is a worthwhile relationship. If you understand what the parts are made to do and how to maintain them, you’ll give yourself more years of faithful garage door service. Proper garage door maintenance has a twofold purpose; it helps to extend the life of the garage door and it is also a condition of its warranty. Have a check of the diagram below to get a little more familiar with your garage door and opener.

Identify the parts of a garage door

1. Remotes and wall button

Each Dominator Opener comes with two premium Tri-TranTM 128 remote controls and a wireless wall mounted remote control.

2. Springs

To maintain springs (if accessible), wipe over with an oily rag. Garage door springs are under high tension. Although it is natural for springs to lose tension, never attempt to adjust the springs yourself.

3. Panels

Pressed, ribbed or flat steel panels form the main body of your garage door. Wash the outside regularly with water and a soft-bristled brush or a sponge. Dust the inside as needed.

4. Automatic Opener / Motor

Please DO NOT attempt to wash your automatic opener, it will void the warranty and could cause electrocution. Always seek assistance from a trained professional for garage door opener servicing.

5. Disengage rope/lever

Use the rope or lever to disengage your automatic garage door opener if there is a power cut.

6. Hinges

Hinges allow the sections to bend and retract as the door opens and closes. Rollers run in the guides through the side hinges.
If steel hinges are fitted: Sparingly lubricate with an all purpose machine oil. 
If plastic hinges are fitted: No lubrication is generally required, however silicon spray may be used if necessary.

7. Guide Tracks

Tracks run up the sides of the garage door and along the ceiling to to assist with movement and support the garage door when open and closed. Check for dust and grit but do not use grease or oil on the guide tracks.

8. Belt or Chain

Used to drive the garage door opener. New garage doors use a belt, older models may use a chain. Chains can be lubricated with chain lube.

9. Entry Keypad

A great option for families, an entry keypad allows access to the garage without the need for a remote.

10. Smartphone Control Kit

Access, control and monitor your garage door from anywhere! Subject to cellular and WiFi connectivity.

11. AutoLock

Keyless locking ensures your garage door isn't just closed, it's locked. Operates through your garage door remote.

12. Infrared Safety Beam

An invisible beam to disable the opener when movement is detected. An extra level of safety if you have children and pets.

Your garage door requires regular cleaning - wash every season or more frequently in weather-prone or high geothermal activity areas - but it's also important to have it periodically serviced by a dominator professional. Your garage door and opener must be adequately maintained to meet the requirements of your waranty agreement. Contact us now to get your next service booked in.

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