Let's Renovate the Garage!

Home renovations often run the gamut of expense and stress, but with careful planning, it needn’t be so daunting. A garage is a great place to do it yourself, with endless possibilities once the space is neat, clean and warm. You’ll be able to store more and have better access to all of your toys and tools. Read on for our planning advice.

Great before and after garage renovation projects

Decide Budget

Think about where your money is best spent. What do you want to do with the space once renovated? Which parts can you happily DIY and what will you pay professionals to do for you?

If you want to turn your garage into an extra bedroom or living room, or perhaps a work from home space, renovating the garage can increase the value of your property so it warrants spending a little more to make the space liveable.

If your garage renovation is all about gaining storage space, perhaps your biggest spend will be on shelving, racks and cabinets to gain the most usable area.

Note: Once you have begun your renovation, it can be a good idea to review your budget to see if you are on track and whether funds need to be re-allocated, as with most renovations unforeseen problems do tend to crop up.

Measure the Space

There is good reason for the saying “measure twice, cut once”. We suggest measuring thrice. Calculate the area of floor and walls so that when you come to purchase materials you don’t buy too much or too little. Keep a note of the measurements on the plan that you’ll draw in the next step and keep a copy with you when making purchases.

Measure accurately and draw up a plan

Draw a plan / decide the layout

Take all of your measurements and draw a scale plan of your renovation space. A tip here is to trace from your existing house plan. Add in fixed elements such as existing cabinets and make sure you include the car! Ensure that you will be able to drive the car into the garage, open the doors, bonnet and boot and also have a clear path to get into and out of the car.

The Garage Door

No garage renovation is complete without a new garage door and since we are a top garage door supplier in New Zealand, of course, we’ll suggest a new Dominator garage door! We do this with confidence that every Dominator garage door is built to last, using quality NZ Colorsteel® in thickness ratings that some other garage door companies can only aspire to. Your garage, your home and your family deserve the best protection that a garage door can offer. With a Dominator garage door and opener, the options are all there for you to create a look that is cohesive to your style, offers the convenience of modern technology and is backed by the Dominator Promise AND a 10-year warranty*!
*Terms & conditions apply.

Dominator's range of sectional garage doors

Above, left to right: Top row Sierra, Somerset, VL Designer Door. Middle row: Valero, Nevada, Georgian. Bottom row: Futura, Montana, Milano.

Floor It

This one’s a biggie. A floor covering can totally transform a garage space making it user-friendly, warm, comfortable, clean and attractive. Cold, dusty, stained concrete floors are a hard-wearing base, but topped with epoxy coating, carpeting or tiles, your garage floor will now be easier to keep clean and ready to withstand (within reason) everything you want to do in your garage. Note: A dark floor covering is a good choice as it will hide stains easily.

Get details on how to clean your garage floor and DIY floor covering options here.

Beautiful garage flooring

Lights & Electrical

How’s the existing lighting in your garage? If you can’t see what you’re doing now, best make a lighting plan - all your hard renovation work deserves to be seen!

Most older garages have few power outlets. If you need to enlist an electrician to add or improve lighting, why not make the most of the callout fee by adding power points in strategic spots?

Wall to wall

Changing the walls in your garage can give the room a completely new vibe, opening up possibilities for extra living and workspaces. How you proceed here will totally depend on what you have to begin with. 

In some instances, a simple lick of paint will do the trick. Choose mould-inhibiting paint if your garage tends to be damp.

If you plan to line the walls, consider insulating beforehand. Insulation can make a huge difference to the comfort of your garage and in the case of an attached garage, having insulated walls can help to prevent cold air from seeping into other areas of the home.

The garage door can also be viewed as one of the walls so it makes sense to choose an insulated garage door. Insulating your garage door not only helps to decrease heat transferral in and out of the garage, but it also has the same effect on noise transfer. So if you plan to make some noise in your newly-renovated garage, insulation will be your friend.

Some garage doors may be suitable for retrofitting with insulation. In this instance, contact your local Dominator dealer for advice.

Great garage storage solutions

Storage & Organisation

There’s no underestimating the satisfaction that can come from having adequate storage space! Nowadays there are purpose-built storage solutions to suit virtually any space and budget. Don’t look past repurposing existing furniture such as bookcases, shelving and cabinetry to use in your refurbished garage. Even an old kitchen table can be easily converted into a workbench on wheels.

Our best tips: Get things off the floor so that you have a more workable space • Remember to go vertical, to maximise your available storage space • Have often-used tools close at hand - a pegboard is easy to make and keeps tools orderly, easy to find and safely out of reach of small children.

Take a look at our article on organising your garage here. Book your FREE garage door measure and quote here.

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