Spring Clean Your Garage with Our Checklist

You will need:

Work Gloves
Brooms, Scrubbing Brushes and Vacuum cleaner
Stepladder or Ladder
Rags or Cloths
Cleaning Solutions
Bucket and Hose
Boxes for rubbish, donations and storage
Marking Pens & Tape
Willing Helpers

1. Empty & Sort

It’s a good idea to check the weather forecast and make sure it’s going to be fine for the day. 

Enlist/Bribe your family members to help.

Empty out the garage - everything that can be moved, should be moved so that you can clean thoroughly.

Create piles for rubbish • donations • putting elsewhere (ie. back where they actually belong) • selling

Sort the remaining items into groups: sports gear • work tools • garden tools & equipment • seasonal items that can be rotated according to time of year • often-used items to stay close at hand • storage items • you get the idea

2. Clean Top to Bottom

Starting with the ceiling, give the whole garage a thorough clean and scrub down. Remove cobwebs, dust frames, clean windows, clean the inside of the garage door and give it a health check while you’re at it.

Clean the floor, starting with sweeping with a yard broom. Attack marks with some dish detergent and hot water, then give the whole floor a hose down. For oil spots and stubborn stains, see the cleaning hints below.

How to Remove Oil Stains from Concrete

Oil spills or leakage leaves unattractive black splotches on concrete that can be a hazard and can also track into your home from your shoes. Address stains by soaking up as much oil as possible before it penetrates. Pour “clumping” cat litter over the entire stain and work it in with a stiff broom or brush. Leave it in place for at least an hour—or overnight for an extensive or old stain—and then sweep up the mess. For some new or small concrete stains caused by oil, this is all the treatment you may need.

For slightly more aggressive stains, try dishwasher detergent and hot water, using a stiff bristled brush to scrub at the stain.

If the concrete still bears a mark, try using hydrogen peroxide in hot water. Let it soak in for at least 30 minutes, and then scrub with a stiff nylon brush. Finally, blast the spot with your hose set to the highest pressure.

Removing Rust Stains from Concrete

A fairly new rust stain may succumb to the mild acid of white vinegar. Pour the vinegar over the stain, let sit for 10 minutes, then scrub with a stiff nylon brush. Rinse and repeat if the concrete doesn’t come clean.

For old or large rust stains, a commercial rust remover may be necessary. Ensure that you have protection for your eyes and hands and follow manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

While the floor dries off, clean the light fixtures, bulbs, garage door opener and any switches with a soft cloth.

Look more in-depth at cleaning the floor and some garage flooring ideas in our story here.

Below, left to right: Oil staining; rust staining; a high-pressure hose or water blaster can be a big help, be sure to start at the back and hose outwards.

Above, left: Organised tools aren't simply easier to grab when needed, they are safest when out of the reach of children. Above, right: Sturdy hooks have made bike storage out of previously dead space in this garage.

3. Zone Out

If possible, install vertical storage shelves rather than storing things on the floor — you’ll maximise space and it's easier to see where everything is when it's up off the floor. Keeping your floors clear also makes it easier to sweep your garage throughout the year.

Replace your items, organising them into zones according to their purpose. This is the key to good organisation! It means that the garage is likely to stay clean and organised for longer.

Hardly used items should go at the back or be stored on the highest shelves. The things you use weekly, such as current sporting equipment, should be housed in handy spots, such as hooks close to the entrance to the house. 

For busy families, having an area, cubby or hook for each child will encourage them to put away their own gear, rather than dumping it on the floor ready to be tripped over!

Top Tip: Be sure to label your boxes and bins!

Need Inspiration? Check out these before and after pics, below.

4. Dump, Donate, List for Sale or on Free sites

Be sure to dispose of any hazardous materials responsibly. Empty paint cans can be recycled at some paint stores. Many areas have recycling depots to dispose of old electronics, whiteware etc. Rubbish Tips will often re-sell items still fit for use. Check your local opp shop for the kind of gear they would like, don't dump your rubbish at their doorstep.

5. Fire up the BBQ and relax with your helpers!

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