The benefits of NZ steel

Supporting locally made has arguably never been more important than it has been since the COVID pandemic hit. At Dominator, we've always been pro-local, with our doors all manufactured here in New Zealand using NZ Colorsteel®. New Zealand Steel is a top quality product, not only is it super tough and scratch resistant, it also consistently achieves colour durability results that show its superiority over some imported steel. Read on for more detail about the benefits of Dominator garage doors made from NZ steel.

High-performance steel

Extreme conditions can damage and fade some building materials. Choosing a superior product like Dominator gives you the confidence of longevity under the harsh weather and high rates of UV here in New Zealand. Laboratory tests show that New Zealand Steel, as used in the manufacture of Dominator Garage Doors, outperforms imported steel in UV fade testing.

In the example below, see for yourself the difference between Dominator's Colorsteel® and an imported product. New Zealand made painted product consistently achieves the best colour durability results.

NZ steel easily outperforms some imported steel products in UV fade testing.

After 2000 hours of UV testing the New Zealand product showed no evidence of degradation compared with the imported product tested under the same conditions. Photographs were used with the permission of NZMRM.

Steel Thickness

Not only is local steel a top quality product, but we also make Dominator garage doors extra tough by using a thicker gauge than some of our competitors. Our garage doors are built from steel which is either folded or roll-formed, in thicknesses ranging from 0.55 BMT (base metal thickness) to 0.9 BMT. In comparison, some other brands use 0.4 BMT as their thickest steel.

Examples of folded and roll formed panels

Left, Sierra is folded from 0.75 BMT steel. Right, Milano is produced by roll forming 0.55 BMT steel.

Colorsteel® Protection

Pre-painted COLORSTEEL® is made locally by New Zealand Steel with custom formulations designed to provide excellent performance and scratch resistance. COLORSTEEL® products have been tested and proven within New Zealand’s unique environmental extremes to meet stringent AS/NZS2728:2007 requirements, so your Dominator door will be protected from the harsh elements for many years to come.

Choose from the fabulous colours available in the standard range below. Or if you really want to fine-tune your selection, go for a powder coat option, giving you the choices from over 100 Dulux® Powder Coat colours. The powder-coated layer is achieved by fusing polyester or epoxy powder to the surface of the steel, creating a protective shield of colour that can make a subtle - or totally out there - design statement. Powder coating is an optional extra available on most Dominator garage doors.

Tip: Metal colour swatches are available from your Dominator Dealer.

Some of Colorsteel's® options

Dominator offers a range of fabulous Colorsteel® colours or over 100 Powder Coated colour options on our made-to-order garage doors. Download our Colour Brochure here.

Local Manufacturing

When your garage door is built here, you're not only supporting our local economy, your dollar goes towards real jobs for kiwis. Our manufacturing is also less likely to be affected by delays caused by freight issues with manufacturing plants in Christchurch and Auckland.

Delivered in our fleet of trucks

It’s essential to choose quality products that will perform the job they're meant for while looking good and lasting the distance. Dominator products protect your home for the long term and are backed by solid warranties. So when you're ready, give us a call on 0800 005 686, or find your local dealer here.

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