Types of NZ Residential Garage Doors

Dominator offers three main groups of residential garage doors - sectional steel, roller doors and Flex-A-Door, a sectional-roller hybrid. Each has its own set of advantages and practical applications, so making your choice can be difficult. Let us help you, by breaking down the main features of each kind.

Sectional Steel Garage Doors

Whisper quiet, with a huge range of styles, colours, sizes and options, there’s a Dominator Sectional Steel Garage Door to suit your home’s design, your budget and requirements. Our sectional steel doors are available in Zincalume™, pre-painted COLORSTEEL® or can be powder coated from a vast range of popular Dulux® Powder Coating colours. Their streamlined configuration maximises space in your garage, leaving more room for your car and anything else you wish to keep safe.

Dominator’s Steel Sectional Doors are built from tough COLORSTEEL® in a range of thicknesses and styles to suit different needs. For instance, our heavyweight steel, (0.9 BMT) can provide a strikingly flat panel, folded for superior strength. The lightest weight steel we use (0.4 BMT) is actually the thickest some other companies use! There are situations such as over-height, (up to 4.0m high) openings where this steel thickness is favourable, due to the weight of the door overall. Still tough, but also great value.

The style of the panels contributes to their strength as well as providing different looks. Extra-deep horizontal ribs add rigidity, especially over large widths. Flat panelled garage doors look superb when paired with modern monolithic cladding, while also complementing the horizontal lines of weatherboard and brick. Other styles include raised patterns in various shapes to produce a distinguished style and further strength. Most of Dominator’s Sectional Doors are also available in either smooth or wood grain finish.

Some of Dominator’s Steel Sectional Doors have the option to include windows and our Insulated Series Sectional Doors will help to regulate the temperature and noise in your garage so you can use it the way you want to.

Sectional garage doors are designed to be operated with an automatic garage door opener. We recommend the Dominator Advance Premium and the Dominator Panel-Pro, depending on your particular specifications.

RollING Doors

A roller door is designed to save space, keeping the ceiling free and needing minimal side clearance. Inside, you can park right up to the door without risking damage when the door is operated.

An advantage with Dominator’s Roller Doors is that they are supported by side tracks, so your door won’t unexpectedly blow open or shut, drop or swing. Our roller doors are smooth, quiet, easy to operate and safe. 

The fine-line ribbed pattern in thick steel compliments virtually any house style, whether contemporary or traditional, no matter which materials are used.

Dominator’s Roller Doors come in Zincalume or 17 COLORSTEEL® options, in sizes up to 3200mm width and 3200mm height, built to order to your particular specifications.

For Industrial Roller Doors, Check out Dominator’s Range here.


The Dominator Flex-A-Door® is the answer to the somewhat outdated style of tilting garage doors, being a hybrid of the sectional garage door and the tilting door. It’s the perfect alternative when you are looking to replace your existing tilt door, or in situations where you have restricted headroom in your garage or carport.

This superior roller-sectional hybrid features the famous Dominator Rolling Garage Door Curtain. Fitted on a curving track, the curtain lifts from a vertical position up into a horizontal position, close to the ceiling. The vertical opening enables you to park in front of your garage to open the door, unlike the old days of having to leave a large space for the ousting from a tilt door. The finish is neat internally and externally and a retractable head infill panel moves with the door, leaving the opening free when the door is opened, but removing any gap at the top when the door is closed.

Protecting your family is important to us at Dominator, so springs on the Flex-A-Door® are enclosed within the horizontal tracks, well away from little fingers.

Like all of our garage doors, the Flex-A-Door® is available in an extensive range of Pre-painted COLORSTEEL® options. We recommend our Panel-Pro Opener for trouble-free Flex-A-Door® installations.

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