Which is the best garage door for my needs?

Are you in the market for a new garage door but feeling a little confused by the different types and what will work best for your lifestyle and your budget - not to mention your garage? It makes sense to do some research when you’re making an investment in equipment that you’ll rely on every day to keep your garage protected and your family safe. We’ve made it easier to find your best garage door solution, with a brief explanation of our residential garage door options below.

Sectional Garage doors from Dominator

Sectional Garage Doors

This type of garage door is made from rigid steel panels (sections) hinged together. Vertical tracks on each side of the opening and horizontal tracks on the ceiling guide the door up and overhead to store across the ceiling. Sectional panels are available in many widths and profiles, allowing you to create a garage door to suit all cladding and architectural styles.

The rigidity of the sectional steel panels provides strength and security across the door and Dominator's Auto-Lock allows you to enhance security further. A heavy-duty locking mechanism simply activated with your remote drives a bolt through the garage door, preventing forced entry.

Due to the components involved, sectional garage doors may cost more than roller doors, but the many features and optional extras available can outweigh the extra cost. Add a layer of insulation to reduce heat and sound transmission, or include windows (available on selected models) to add character and fill your garage with light.

Because of being stored across the ceiling when open, some homes may not accommodate a sectional garage door. In cases where attic access is in the centre of the garage or the headroom is exceptionally tight, there may not be enough space for the door and tracks. Modern homes however are generally designed to allow for a sectional garage door.

When it comes to openers (the garage door motor), you can choose from a range of three, dependent on your needs and budget.

Take a look at our full range of sectional doors here.

Designer Garage Doors from Dominator

Designer Garage Doors

Got a classic car or two you want to show off? Perhaps your home looks a little plain and you want to revamp without a major renovation? Designer garage doors operate the same way that a sectional door operates, but each panel is made from an aluminium frame that houses either a glass or acrylic 'window'.

The heavy-duty frame gets powder-coated with a gorgeous selection of colours available and is cleverly designed to prevent the removal of the glass.

The glazing options are where you can be really creative, with clear, patterned and coloured glass or acrylic options to choose from. You can be as visible as you wish, with clear glazing that creates a showroom effect when lit from behind, or an etched option to give just a hint of visibility from the outside while allowing natural light into the garage.

Like all of our garage doors, the VL Designer Door will be made to order to the exact specifications of your garage opening.
Choose from our range of sectional garage door openers, with the Smart Premium being the pick of the bunch for pairing with a gorgeous glass door.

Roller Garage Doors from Dominator

Above, left: Our roller door suits single garages up to 3200mm in width; right: Nylofelt® running strips allow greaseless operation.

Rolling Garage Doors

Rolling garage doors are made from a metal curtain stamped to form a ribbed pattern. As the door opens, the curtain rolls up above the door opening, leaving the ceiling space free. Adequate space directly above the opening (400mm on a standard garage door) is necessary to house the door. Still, in situations such as a garage with overhead storage, a roller door provides a convenient solution without compromising ceiling access.

Rolling doors are not suitable for insulation, nor windows and the horizontal aspect of a roller door can limit design options. Durability is not limited however, Dominator's roller garage doors feature pre-painted 0.4BMT NZ Colorsteel® and quality components to ensure smooth, quiet, quiet greaseless operation. Our residential roller doors pair with a Dominator Excel™ roller garage doors opener and Smartphone Control Kit.

The simple design of a roller door makes them a cost-efficient solution in situations such as multiple tenancies and rental properties or for very small openings such as storage units. Our rolling garage doors are available in sizes from 1300mm to 3200mm in height and 1250mm to 3200mm in width. Check out the range here.

Dominator's Flex-A-Door


Dominator developed the Flex-A-Door for a solution to situations where headroom is limited, to replace the old tilt doors with their exposed springs and other safety issues. It's a kind of hybrid between a sectional and rolling door using a roller curtain that operates in a sectional format; that is, up and across the ceiling. Flex-A-Door fits in tight spaces, requiring a minimum of only 130mm headroom with a few different configurations depending on your available space.

Flex-A-Door is best when paired with one of our sectional openers, but can be operated manually.

Still a tough and stylish garage door with standard features such as Colorsteel® colours, our handy weatherseal and Nylofelt® running strips, choose Flex-A-Door when nothing else will fit.

Now that you know the basics of each garage door type, it'll be a lot easier to decide which door will work best for your property. We're happy to discuss all the options with you over the phone on 0800 005 686, or grab a free measure and quote from a friendly Dominator dealer near you.

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