Smart Phones as Your Garage Door Control

Protect your home and your family by knowing when the garage door is being used, and who is using it.

Dominator’s Smart Phone Control Kit gives you and your family secure access to your home by not only giving you control of the door no matter where you are*, but also by monitoring activity around the garage door.

Our Home Access app will allow you to open and close the door from anywhere in the world, subject to cellular and WiFi connection and availability. That means if you’re in Abu Dhabi and you need to let the neighbour inside to feed the cat, you can open the garage door right away. If you have left the house and get the feeling you may have left the garage door open, you can check and close the door if necessary.

Dominator’s convenient Smart Phone Control kit not only operates the garage door, it will send notifications to your phone whenever the garage door is used. The notification will tell you what function the door is performing and who is using it. You could see from your desk at work that your children have arrived home and you’ll know if they have remembered to close the garage door behind them.

The built in activity log helps you to keep track of all activity around the door. New advanced user access control includes one time access and scheduled access, giving you even greater control and security.

For added convenience, you can set up additional alerts to let you know if your door needs servicing or if there has been an obstruction.

The Dominator Smart Phone Control Kit also features extended range technology so that you can choose to operate an entrance gate on your app. It really is the ultimate in convenient and secure garage door control. 

Protecting your family and your home is our priority.

The Smart Phone Control Kit is available as an optional accessory on all new residential Dominator garage door openers. Dominator’s Home Access App is free and available to download for iOS and Android.

* Subject to cellular and WiFi connection and availability. Note - Kit includes Smart Hub & accessories. Phone not included.

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