The Evolution of the Tilt and Roller Doors

When you have tricky factors such as low ceiling space to contend with but still want an attractive, high tech garage door it can be daunting trying to find the right garage door for your needs. Roller doors are cost-effective and handy space-wise, but can’t accommodate windows, insulation or other optional extras that make garage life better. Tilting doors require very little headroom, but who wants an antiquated, rigid door that needs space in front to open and is susceptible to problems like weather damage?

Roller Garage Doors

Roller doors operate vertically, either manually or using an automated opener. As it opens, the door rolls itself into a tidy cylindrical shape, so rolling garage doors are often used in circumstances where there isn’t enough clearance along the ceiling in the garage for a sectional garage door to open freely. Sheds are a great example of situations where headspace is often non-existent, so they are well suited to using roller doors.
Along with not requiring ceiling space, roller garage doors stand tough in high-wind areas and can accommodate the largest of door openings. Roller doors are ideal for those who want a cost-friendly option, they are great for storage units or for use in an industrial setting.
Cons of the roller door include limited design features (only one steel profile available) and lack of the ability to customise with insulation or windows.
The Dominator Excel roller garage door opener has an ultra compact side profile that allows installation into almost any limited side-room situation and ow comes with a 7-year, 20,000-cycle warranty!

Above Left, rolling doors require minimal side clearance; Right, the retractable infill panel protects the garage interior from draughts and rain.

The Flex-A-Door Solution

Dominator’s Flex-A-Door® solves space and operation issues in one smooth, modern and secure garage door.
The Flex A-Door is a roller-sectional hybrid, featuring the famous Dominator Roll-A-Door® curtain. Fitted on a curving track, the curtain lifts from a vertical position up into a horizontal position close to the ceiling, providing a clean, neat appearance outside and inside. It is the perfect alternative to replace your existing tilt door, or in situations of restricted headroom in your garage or carport. The door sits behind the opening for a tidy appearance and the profile matches with Dominator’s Roll-A-Door profile for situations where the two are installed side by side.

Dominator’s retractable head infill panel moves with the door to leave the opening free when the door is open but removes any large gap at the top when the door is closed, reducing drafts and stopping rain from entering the garage.
Designed to be operated with an automatic garage door opener, we recommend our PANEL-PRO for trouble-free access to your garage and home.

Tilting Garage Doors

Tilt garage doors consist of a single panel with a spring-assisted lift mechanism that opens the door in a smooth, tilting motion. They are useful in circumstances where there is limited headroom, taking the least amount of space out of any garage door option. In the past, tilting garage doors were popular for their compact, simple design and compatibility with different materials for construction, but they are certainly not without their share of problems, such as swinging outward in an arc from the bottom - watch your shins! Not only must cars be parked a suitable distance away in order for the door to open - a real problem on sloping sites and where space is tight - older style tilting garage doors are often clunky to use, have exposed side springs that could be a danger to children and can be a bit of a nightmare in strong wind.
Dominator tilting doors do offer stability over wide openings, through the addition of horizontal tracks to hold the door in the open position so as to minimise protrusion outside the opening.
Dominator recommends the use of our Panel-Pro Garage Door Opener for your tilting garage door.

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